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SGS BeeAlert App (jQuey)

  • Bee Alert (Desktop)

BeeAlert Bee Safety System

Client: SGS

Quiet a nice idea here which involved a collaborative initiative between farmers and beekeepers aims to protect bees. Beekeepers receive alerts when farmers spray crops, allowing them to shield the bees from harmful exposure, thus contributing to bee conservation.

My contribution involved branding the user interface with SGS’s colour scheme and developing a proof of concept (POC) prototype. This prototype serves both as a demonstration for potential clients and as a marketing tool.

The development was carried out using jQuery, Kendo, and Bootstrap to create a Single Page Web Application (SPA).

The gallery below illustrates various aspects of this SPA, including brand and logo design, info-graphics, user interface design, and responsive layout.


Interactive Nissan Logo

Interactive Nissan Logo

This project was initially created in Flash for a Nissan Micra screensaver, aimed at promoting the 2004 model’s launch. It has since been reimagined using the HTML5 canvas element, featuring an interactive animation of the Nissan logo.

It’s important to note a design oversight where the logo appears reversed—a significant faux pas in logo design and branding. However, this flaw is less noticeable in the screensaver, where the logo remains small and mostly static, likely to be detected only by the most observant (eagle-eyed) designers. 🙂

Amazingly, the screensaver still works all these years later. Download Nissan Micra Screen Saver (for windows)


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