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Data Analytic Charts

Data Analytics

An interesting study of Olympic data when I was studying big data, data analytics and statistics. Using tools such as SQL, R-Studio, Python and Excel.

The interactive charts below show some interesting ways of displaying the Information.

Interesting to note the countries (eg. Finland 282/7 and China 163/216) with bigger gender gaps.

Bar chart showing horizontal columns. This chart type is often
beneficial for smaller screens, as the user can scroll through the data
vertically, and axis labels are easy to read.

Pycharm Display Bug Fix


PyCharm Interface Bug

I was honing my analytics skills using Excel, R, and Python. At college, we utilized the student version of the PyCharm IDE from JetBrains, specifically version v2.0.3. It worked seamlessly on my work machine, allowing me to plot data with various Python libraries.

However, I encountered issues when installing PyCharm on my home computer for additional practice. The interface was disorganized and unusable, which was a setback in my learning process. (see below).

Solution: Update Graphics Card Drivers

After an extensive online search yielded no solutions to my PyCharm issues, I attempted various troubleshooting steps, such as updating Java and adjusting environmental variables. Initially, these efforts didn’t resolve the problem.

Recalling a past graphics card issue with 3D Studio Max, I updated my graphics card drivers and rebooted my PC. To my relief, PyCharm functioned perfectly, mirroring the college environment, and I resumed my data plotting activities. 🙂

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