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Pycharm Display Bug Fix


PyCharm Interface Bug

I was learning analytics using Excel, R and Python.

For Python in college we were using the student version of PyCharm IDE from which at that time was at version v2.0.3. I installed it on the machine in my work environment and all was well. I was able to use the different libraries to plot data in various forms using Python.

I needed to use PyCharm for analytics on my home machine as well to increase my ‘match fitness’ in terms of using Python for analytics.But when I installed it on my home machine the interface was all over the shop and totally unusable (see below).

Solution: Update Graphics Card Drivers

I had a good search around the web and could not find anyone with the same issues. I tried a few things to trouble shoot the problem including updating Java and changing environmental variables to match those of the college environment.

I had parked the problem and then I remembered that I had an issue in the past when using 3D Studio Max (3D design software) which turned out to be graphics card related. So I decided to try updating the drivers for my graphics card and restarted PC. I started PyCharm and I was delighted to see that PyCharm was working the same as in my college envoirnment. I continued plotting! 🙂

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